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Lenormand is a method of divination by 36 oracle cards.  It is named
after the famous French tarotist, Marie  Anne Adelaide Lenormand
(born in the 18th Century and personal reader for Napoleon & his
wife).  The Lenormand deck was created and initially made popular in
Germany.  It then spread throughout Europe and in recent years to
other parts of the world.

This deck produces concentrated, direct answers to specific, direct
questions.  The answers are not long and drawn out, but they are
precise, clear, and to-the-point.  This deck creates practical reading. If
you need straight, quick answers, this is the reading for you.  If you
want something more detailed that covers perspective, choices, and
advice, a tarot reading would be a more suitable choice.

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them
emailed, you may also opt to have them "personally published" on
beautiful, fantasy parchment or linen paper sent to you via postal mail!

Emergency Service Available!

Turn around time on the 3-Card & Deluxe Readings is approximately 2
to 5 business days and 24 hours on emergency service.  On the Tabeau
Complet Propagation Reading, 3 to 10 business days and up to 72
hours on emergency service (but usually within 48 hours).  Turn around
time may take longer during our busy seasons but it's rare that it does.

Please choose your deck in your PayPal instructions ~
Under The Roses

1-Question/3-Card Lenormand Spread
Up To 100 Words

6-Questions/2 9-Card Deluxe Spreads
Up To 800 Words

10-Questions/Personal Numbers/Intricate Symbols/Advice
Full Deck Tableau Complet Propagation
Up to 2,000 Words

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