There's always a concern that a professional spell caster may not
actually cast your spell but, instead, take your money and run.
Local and regional clients physically came to my great
grandmother, and they had the option to stay for their rituals as
proof their work had been performed. Today, spell casters work
from their homes and service people from all over the world.
Therefore, you don't have the option to sit in while your spell is
being cast. So how do you know, for certain, your work has been
performed? Since we have the technology to find clients
worldwide, then the same technology is available to us to prove
that your work has been done.

It doesn't violate any cosmic rule!
It doesn't contaminate a sacred, magickal space!
And it doesn't taint the spell process one bit!

Moonlight Enchantments has been in business for 11 years -
online professionally since January 2005 with the site established
October 2005. Staying power is one way to verify authenticity.
Another way is proof of casting - as mentioned above. Moonlight
Enchantments was the first to offer proof of spell casting. If you
use our professional spell casting services, we can send you proof
that we cast your spell by still pictures, video or audio at no
additional charge. So at Moonlight Enchantments, you can either
cast yourself with our spells, consultations and/or products OR
allow us to cast for you with proof that your work had been

Please read on . . .

We're the first (and perhaps the only) magickal professionals to
offer proof of professional spell casting. There is no additional
charge for this service, and it is optional with any and all
professional spell packages. I don't automatically provide this
service though because, although everything is strictly
confidential and never shared, some clients do not want their
names and pictures along with other very personal, identifiable
information (of themselves and those we're casting upon)
recorded in a spell casting video, frozen in still pictures, or audio
recorded.  Therefore, for you to receive this service, you must
request it after your package is ordered but before your spell is
cast. Proof of casting includes still digital photos with
identifiable proof that it is from you spell work (such as your
picture shown and/or time-stamped photos taken at the time of
your booking), by video and/or by audio tape. Each one is
authentic and original and will not be reproduced as it's done
precisely during your spell work. I set up the equipment close to
where I'm working but at a place where it won't interfere with
the spell process.

It's important to note that the entire spell will NOT be shown.
There are secret words, tools and ingredients that I use during all
my professional spells that will never be revealed to clients or the
public. The pictures, video and/or audio will be enough to
establish proof that your spell was cast by me. You will see some
tools, ingredients and hear some of the casting process but not all
of it. Therefore, some of the video will be edited out, or the cam
will be set to shut off before I begin the secret part of the ritual.
(But again, you will receive enough documentation to verify that
your spell has been cast.)

Pictures and video will be sent by email attachment. Audio will
be in cassette form and sent via postal mail. We are not taking
method requests. Which process I use for your work is to my
discretion since this is a complimentary service.  

Due to time restrictions and since this is a free service, you will
receive the documentation after your spell is cast but at a time
convenient for Customer Care to tend to it among their other
duties. Since this is a free service, Customer Care cannot take
time away from paid services or duties to process the proof.  So
we expect your patience in receiving your documentation.  It
usually takes two to ten weeks, depending upon the time of
year.  However, it could be sooner or longer depending upon the
workload. Thank you!

And for further proof of our honesty, we offer a financial
breakdown so you can see where exactly where your money has
gone with each spell package!  See our Enchanted Spell Parlor
for more information.

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