Although spell casting is free of charge with the order of a
spell package, we are the first to offer proof of casting.

To protect our professional spells, tools and ingredients, we
are no longer offering audio/video services.  However, we
are offering still pictures to be taken by one of our staff
members while your spell work is being performed by
Autumn Mist.  

The pictures will be of some of the tools and performance
aspects of the spell work.  However, not all the tools and
ingredients will be viewable as many items are family
secrets.  The pictures will be taken with a digital camera
and emailed to you.

This service is optional and NOT required for a spell to be
cast by us!  
However, if you opt for it, there will be a
charge - between $25 and $325 depending on how many
nights your spell series lasts and how many pictures you'd
like to receive.  It is up to you how many pictures you'd like so
you're in control.  With some spells (telepathy and some
others), pictures don't apply.

Note ~
Every picture for you and every other client is
completely different.  We don't have an album of mass
pictures that we distribute for reuse.  Each and every one is
authentic and individual and done at the time of your spell

Some Are Included With The Super-Power & World's Highest
Possible Power Packages at no additional charge!

Again, this service is OPTIONAL and NOT required for a
spell to be cast on your behalf!  

Please contact
Customer Care with any questions or if you
would like to order.  
Magickal Boutique ®
Proof of Casting