My religion is Celtic Catholic.  I am not pushing my religious beliefs on anyone.  
I simply want them understood.  

The below description isn't mine.  It's from the website,
Celtic-Catholic-Church.org.  I think it best describes Celtic Catholicism.

Here is why I'm Celtic Catholic and the reasons it's embraced by others:

*  You would like to have a spiritually sound way to incorporate that charming
Celtic mystique into your spirituality.

  * You naturally have a deep respect for nature. You see God in the ocean and in
a spider web, and are aware of an inter-connectedness of the spiritual and

  * You long for meaningful rituals and symbols that have deep spiritual and
historical validity.

  * You hope to find an ancient-yet-modern school of serious spiritual direction,
not just sappy platitudes.

  * You desire a coherent and realistic account of the universe and our place in it.

  * You need religious teaching with the integrity that comes only from long
history (it wasn't invented last year in Pacoima). But it has to be in tune with
your thoroughly modern life.

  * You crave worship that speaks to and involves all parts of your personality,
including the physical, the intellect, emotions, and aesthetic sense.

  * You want a religious tradition that manages to be both mystical, lifting you
out of yourself, and highly practical, helping you deal with life in the real world.

  * You would like a way to relate to God as to a real Person, not just a "fairy
godfather in the sky" or celestial ATM machine.

  * You know it must be possible to approach Jesus and the Bible in healthy ways
that bring freedom and release the poetry in your spirit.

  * You refuse to be made into a robot.

  * You seek a fellowship small enough that your presence and talent really
matter, where you can create your own niche and contribute your own dream,
where your contribution to the whole is vital.

  * You want to find out what the deep spiritual teachings of Christianity are
really all about, without the fears and prejudices of some of the groups you may
have run into before.

This list is by no means authoritative, but it does reflect the experience of many
Celtic Catholics.

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