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September-October 2018
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October is the ultimate super power month, the absolute most powerful time of the
year. During this month, we can hear nature whispering by the cool, crisp wind. Any
magick we perform during October is naturally triple powered so results are
extremely fast with enormous energy.  Any readings performed during October are
crystal clear and extremely accurate.  We welcome the spiritual world to meet with
our own as the veil between the realms is the thinnest.

And we have EIGHT pages of Super Specials!  
Links below!
Some services have limited space so if you're interested,
please order soon! Slots fill quickly!
Some Specials begin September 1.  Some begin October 1.  Please check dates!

Many items are only available annually.  Others are regular services with special fall
features or rates. We Are Also Offering Some Brand New Services & Items.  Please
Read Everything Carefully Including Shipping/Creation Time, Turn Around Time On
Email Readings, & Terms (below).

As you embrace this dark autumn night, I invite you to browse this page to read
about our incredible, super-charged Specials from Moonlight Enchantments at the
most magickal time of the year!


Please Contact Us With Any Questions After READING CAREFULLY!!

This is our busiest time of the year, and we cherish every moment of it!  Yet, we must
make some adjustments so we're able to promptly and efficiently serve all of our
beloved clients.

(For simplicity purposes, numbers will be used instead of word form even when it's grammatically

~ General Response Time ~

Orders for services or products will be responded to first, within 24 hours of placing your order,
including weekends.  General email inquiries will be responded to next.  Please allow Customer
Care up to 2 business days to respond to normal email inquiries. Autumn Mist will not be reading
or responding to general or specific emails until the first week of November.  Customer Care can
answer general questions, book services, take orders, and handle spell and product inquiries.  If
you're a regular client or a client under retainer and have an absolute urgent situation that
needs Autumn's attention, please email Customer Care and they will alert her so she can

~ Email Readings ~

The readings on this page cannot be transferred to emergency readings.  Emergency readings
ordered through the website will be honored and continue on as normal.  Please allow up to 12
business days for specialty readings to be completed.  
Most likely, it will not take that long but
allow for it.   We will let you know when to expect your results after you order. For other
email readings, please
allow up to 5 business days.  Again, most likely, it will not take that long
but please
allow for it.  Please allow up to 2 business days for shorter emergency email readings
(such as Flash Readings) and up to 4 business days for longer or specialty emergency readings.  
Emergency Reading fees for business days are the same as usual, and Emergency Weekend
fees listed on the site apply as usual.  

~ Live Readings ~

Live Readings (with any of our advisers) will be booked 1 to 10 business days after placing your
order, depending on what's convenient for you and our schedule.  Live Chilly Chat Readings will
be booked during the scheduled days.  

~ Spells ~

Unless otherwise stated, all spells will begin 2 to 10 days after your order is placed.  Emergency
service option is available.  Please see
here for details.  Unless otherwise stated, the Infinite High
Magick Seasonal Spells on this page include two energy readings/updates performed 30 days
and 60 days after the last day of the casting and a High Magick Super Surge Booster or Seal Spell
performed 180 days after the last day of the casting. This will tremendously boost the existing
magick or permanently seal your manifested results.

~ Energy Updates ~

Energy updates are included with the specials on this page where specified (see "Spells" above).  
For information on Energy Readings/Updates, please click

~ Proof of Casting ~

Proof of spell casting is a complimentary (free) service offered by us which shows the financial
breakdown of spell costs.  Normally, we send this automatically.  Due to time restrictions, we will
not be automatically sending proof of casting for the spell specials listed on this page. If you'd
like a financial breakdown after your purchase, it must be requested by email by October 31.  
We will email you the breakdown the first or second week of November.   We also reserve the
right to suspend financial breakdowns on regularly offered spells (on the main website) until the
first or second week in November.  We will inform you by email.

~ Do-It-Yourself Magickal Items ~

These items are customized by color, ingredient, timing preparation, and consecrated for
specific goals.  However, we have no control or power over do-it-yourself magickal items.  The
power is all in your hands.  Because our items are handmade, color, shade, or consistency may
vary from batch to batch.  Pictures are examples and may or may not be precisely what you
receive by item, label, or packaging.

~ Shippable Items ~

Unless otherwise stated, please allow up to 14 days for your do-it-yourself magickal items to be
created and shipped during the months of September and October.  
Most likely, it will not take
that long
to ship but please allow for it.

Although we serve clients worldwide with Psychic Readings and Spell Casting, we only ship
Magical Items to the contiguous United States.  We ship USPS Priority or First Class.  Insurance and
tracking are included.

~ Warnings & Terms ~

You must read our Terms & Condition of Sale and click-to-confirm (e-sign)
to purchase from this website.

Must be 18+ to receive products or services from this site.  All products and services are for
entertainment or spiritual purposes only and do not replace legal, medical, psychological, or
financial advice from trained professionals in those fields.  There are no guarantees or returns.  All
sales final.  Psychic/Tarot Reading are free w/spiritual counseling. Spell work is free with all spell
packages.  If you order from our site, you full agree to our terms.  

Although our magickal items have produced desired results for thousands of customers since
2003, that's no guarantee our items will work for everyone every time.  Individual results may vary.

www.MoonlightEnchantments.com,  Moonlight Enchantments LLC, Moonlight Enchantments
Magickal Boutique, moonlightenchantmentsllc.blogspot.com, all  subdomains, subsidiaries,
affiliates, divisions, DBAs (registered and unregistered), independent contractor(s), associate(s),
officers and owner(s) of the aforementioned company/companies/website(s)
are not responsible for any accident, injury, damage, allergic, or health reaction from use of our
products or services.  Everything on this page and site are COPYRIGHTED and TRADEMARKED
with REGISTERED ISBNs!  We use Copyscape to monitor everything!  If you steal our material, we
will find you.

* "World's most powerful spell(s)"  or "most powerful money spell known to man" or "world's most
powerful love spell" or " world's most powerful beauty spell" or any and all similar claims or terms
are subjective and may not be literal as it's based upon feedback we have received for well
over a decade from clients, friends, and family members expressing their personal experiences
with our work, and the tools, ingredients, experience, & length comparisons with other
professionals in this industry.  However, we cannot prove nor disprove the claim of our work as
being the "world's most powerful" .

Please accompany children trick-or-treating, and keep your cats safely indoors!  
This is a fun time for us but a dangerous time for them.
Have the Safest, Happiest Halloween ever!!!
Thank you for your business & friendship!  Many Blessings!

A Company Dedicated To Dreams, Fantasy & The Magickal Arts.
We have been in business regionally since 2003, online in an international business capacity
since January 2005, and officially established on October 30, 2005.
Totalling 15 years in business!!

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