1. No Money-Back Guarantees.  

2.  No Extortion or Blackmail.  

3.  No Biological Samples Required..  

4.  No Cheap Charms or Talismans Necessary.

5.  Professionals Who Belittle Other Professionals Are Not Professional.

6.  Sends Financial Breakdown of Payment.

7.  Charges A Fee Higher Than $20 For Spells Packages.

8.  NO 100 Percent Result Guarantee.

9.  Doesn't Claim To Do The Impossible.

10.  Doesn't Claim To Have Supernatural or Paranormal Powers.

11.  Explains You Can't "Make Him Love You No Matter What".

12.  Has a "Real Feel".

13.  Has A Long-Running Website.

14.  Doesn't Claim Fake awards.  

15. The Casting Itself Is Not Chargeable.
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